Thursday, 15 October 2015


Ana said...

Dear Mr and Mrs Wheatley,

Hi!Congradulations on your blog for being inspiring and simple at the same time! I personally run a blog (tumblr) and I find it so difficult to keep it as I'd like it be ,I'm constantlly making changes on it!
Well, it took me a while deciding to write this. The reason of my doubs was the following: I had so much to say to Mr Wheatley, because of his wonderful work,but there were no words for Mrs Wheatley. I didn't knew about her either.
It was research-time...TA-DAA! I felt so dumb, so disrespectful with you (even if you didn't know it) and absolutely amazed.
So, my speech now is for both of you: your work is ipnotic, I love your films and shows(TV). I promise you it was hard to forget about Letter U and A Field in England is one of the best thrillers I've seen in a while! Sadly, I haven't seen High Rise yet, but it won't be long, I promise.
Loads of love from Spain,

unknown wanderer said...

Ben if you are looking for someone to soundtrack your next project look no further than Alex Menzies an outstanding producer you won't regret it

unknown wanderer said...

Ben Phone Alex next film score would sound amazing if he was to helm

Leo Astudillo said...

Blog some more, please.

Thank you for all your work, it was a pleasure meeting at the Rotterdam Film Fest!

Leo Astudillo said...

I would appreciate some more blogging!

Was great meeting you at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

MSJ said...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley: don't know if you ever check comments on this thing, but I wanted to tell you that, apart from your High-Rise being generally fantastic, the montage sequence in the middle is the most astonishing act of literary-to-visual translation I've ever seen. I could watch that sequence detached from the rest of the film and know it was Ballard, and I'm not sure I've ever seen that done before. If you've got any interest, I have a vague notion of getting my most recently published novel turned into a film, and you're welcome to contact me if you happen to be looking for something.


Anonymous said...

Dear mrandmrswheatley,

I have watched kill list which blew me away. I would love to send a CD or a link to you with some music we have made for films.
Any chance to send it anywhere ?

Best regards


Adrian Smith said...

Hello. I would like to invite you to visit Chichester University some time to speak to the film and media students for an event on your career so far. Would you be interested?